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One of the most important things you can do for your new baby’s health and well being is to schedule a newborn check up with a skilled pediatrician, The providers at Tanasbourne Pediatrics in Beaverton, Oregon are pediatric specialists who can follow your baby from birth through adolescence and early adulthood. They’ve created a warm and caring environment and intentionally kept their clinic size smaller than average to help you and your child feel welcome. We recommend calling to schedule your newborn screen two days after leaving the hospital.

Newborn Check Q & A

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Why is a newborn check important?

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends every newborn have a thorough physical (newborn check) shortly after leaving the hospital, usually within 2-5 days of birth. Though it may feel overwhelming to take your baby back out into the world now that you’ve just gotten settled in at home, a newborn check is a vital health screening tool for you and your baby.

The visit gives your pediatrician the opportunity to gauge your infant’s current physical health and also lays an important foundation for future reference when it comes to weight checks, developmental screenings, and other routine follow-up care.

Why are newborn checks important for parents?

The newborn check gives you an opportunity to ask the questions that keep you up at night, or at least cause you to wonder about what’s normal and what’s not when it comes to having a new family member. Dr. Apodaca, Dr. Randolph, and the entire staff at Tanasbourne Pediatrics are dedicated to giving you the time and attention you need to feel confident in your role as a parent.

What does a newborn check involve?

You can expect a lot of questions about your family’s health history, social relationships, and other important issues that may affect your baby’s health.  Your pediatrician will also perform a detailed exam that starts at the top of your newborn’s head and ends at her toes.

Your pediatrician carefully records your newborn’s weight and length and measures her head circumference. She’ll use these recordings in the future to evaluate your child’s growth and development. She also checks your baby’s reflexes, skin, tummy, and belly button. She gauges the health of her hips and listens carefully for abnormal heart or lung sounds. She also takes into account how your baby moves and responds to light, sound, and touch.    

Consistent checkups throughout childhood are crucial to ensuring your child’s health and are vital to addressing health issues immediately. And it all starts with the newborn check.

To establish a long-term relationship with a pediatrician whose skill and caring you can trust, make an appointment today at Tanasbourne Pediatrics.