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There’s not much that can keep a sleepy parent awake as effectively as a sick child. The healthcare experts at Tanasbourne Pediatrics in Beaverton, Oregon understand your worry and are available for your children. This dedicated team works hard to accommodate sick children and can usually see your child the day you call. Whether you’ve got a fussy newborn, a toddler with an earache, or a teenager with flu symptoms, you can rely on the pediatricians at Tanasbourne Pediatrics to provide effective medical care for your child.

Childhood Illnesses Q & A

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When should I call a pediatrician?

Parents often struggle over when it’s time to call the doctor for a sick child. Because children are especially susceptible to common illnesses and often display more serious symptoms than adults, the pediatricians at Tanasbourne Pediatrics invite you to call whenever you have doubts.

When you call, be prepared to give the name and age of your child and:

  • The symptoms they are experiencing (coughing, vomiting, rashes) and when the symptoms started
  • How the symptoms have changed over the past 24 hours
  • Your child’s body temperature
  • What treatments you’ve tried so far

What if I think it is an emergency?

For emergency situations, the doctors at Tanasbourne Pediatrics recommend taking your child directly to the hospital or calling 9-1-1. They’re also happy to answer your questions about identifying an emergency before your child becomes ill, such as during a routine well-child visit.  

Guidelines about urgent medical care also vary by age. For example, you should seek medical attention any time an infant under the age of two to three months develops even a low-grade fever (100.4) or if he’s older and has other symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, and symptoms of dehydration.    

What are some common childhood illnesses?

Children are unique. Some may have issues with colds and sore throats every “flu season” while others seem to resist the sniffles throughout the year. Still, there are some illnesses that commonly affect children, including:

  • Upper respiratory infections (URI)
  • Strep throat
  • Gastrointestinal issues with diarrhea and/or vomiting
  • Ear infections
  • Other viral infections such as hand-foot-and-mouth disease   

Although they’re common, any of these illnesses may require medical treatment. Colds, for instance, can lead to serious respiratory illness in infants, such as bronchiolitis, croup, or pneumonia. Strep throat is a bacterial infection that can cause rheumatic fever or kidney problems when left untreated.

Even if your child has a viral illness that can’t be “cured” by antibiotics, your pediatrician  can provide remedies that may help relieve discomfort, such as an anesthetic oral rinse to relieve pain from sores caused by hand-foot-and-mouth disease.